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Priority Flyers

Priority Flyers Travel Expert Group is owned by Innovative Travel Technologies LLC, and has over 10 years of experience and access to global distribution systems. Priority Flyers offers its customers fares that are not sold to the general public. The non-automated fare search gives customers significant travel options in terms of time, convenience and financial cost savings.


Client: Priority Flyers
Location: 2021
Date: Tourism


Corporate ID
Brand manual

Corporate ID
The previous brand identity presented difficulties in terms of use on media, positioning in space and legibility.

Our goal was to increase brand recognition, refresh the logo and improve its readability.

We changed the colour palette, the logo sign and the font part of the logo.
We used an inverted and underlined "F" as the corporate symbol, which is shaped like an airport departure sign. The letter F (the first letter in the word "Flyers") symbolizes Priority Flyers customers, and the underline indicates priority customer service.

In addition to the logo, for better recognition of the company, we developed additional elements of corporate identity: communication graphics, icons, designs, and various materials necessary for the company functioning.

As part of the identification system, a new website has been developed, with a friendlier and clearer interface, which allows the company to better present its main services as well as additional information about the company.

Video tutorial for the company website

A motivating task for us was to develop a video tutorial on how to use the "Beat my price" block on the company's website. We created animated infographics to help users better understand the special functionality of the website.

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