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Overview of Cutline's 2023 projects.

List of projects discussed:
1. Entegro (Legal services in Canada)
2.Dr. Grossu (Dental Clinic)
3. Villa Etulia (Wine label)
4. Honest Wine (Wine Label)
5. Oberon (Importer of welding equipment)
6. BeSweet (Confectionery)
7. Voolcano Canada (Advertising agency)
8. Credit Rapid (Credit)
9. Bottle di Sole (Packaging of cosmetics)
10. Flyluxury (Air tickets)
11. Grafit (Trading company)
12. BRT Canada (Site for searching specialists in Canada)
13. Prospera (Exhibition identity)
14. Cola Nr.2 (Advertising campaign)
15. GioGio (Georgian restaurant)
16. Tucano, Rockies (Healthy Food Network)
17. (Gift delivery site)
18. Milina + Pravia (Bakery products)
19. Creme de la Creme (website design)
20. Alesund Billakkering (corporate video)

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