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Academia Purcari


Client:  Purcari Wineries Group
Date: 2020-2021
Industry: Alcoholic Beverages


Label Design
Video Clips
POS Materials

The objective

Château Purcari, a winery representing the largest producer and supplier of wine in Moldova, exporting its products to over 30 countries worldwide. Founded in 1827, this estate is recognized as one of the best in the world, with an average rating of 4.19 out of 5.0, a distinction bestowed upon only 1% of wine producers globally.

The solution

Our collaboration with the Purcari brand has given rise to a unique story about four virtues that not only define the final product of a winemaker but also the essence of human life. Playing a pivotal role not only in this story but also in the creation of Academia wine are the clay wine amphorae. A true homage to the oldest method of winemaking and a unique vinification tool.

The second step involved crafting a visual aspect for the selected concept. The decision was made to capture the essence of humanity through the lens of nature.

In terms of illustrations, an abstract style was chosen to create an allusion to the natural landscape, serving as a reflection of the inner state and worldview of a person. Mountains, boundless fields, the profound sea, star-studded skies, and picturesque sunsets — all within the smallest details, you can discover a fragment of yourself upon closer inspection.

Terroir, patience, experience
and harmony
Terroir is the beginning of all things in winemaking. Patience, a characteristic of every true creator. The result of patience is experience, which helps us move forward. And harmony, which we feel in the breeze, see in the reflections of clear water, and sense in the warmth of our native land.
Interwoven into one, terroir, patience, and experience create a balance that, in the skillful hands of the creator, becomes the face of a vinous beverage.

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