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Atu Winery


Client: Atu Winery
Date: 2017
Industry:  Alcoholic Beverages


Corporate ID
Style Guide
Label design

The objective

Atu Winery is the first winery based on a new concept and located within the city limits. It distinguishes itself from other similar brands by its positioning and philosophy. Our work began with the search for a name for the winery.

The solution

A lot of work went into it, but the final idea for the name came from the customer himself and we liked it very much. The style was based on the period when the first industrial revolution took place, which indirectly reflected the positioning of the product. The word "Atu" translates from Romanian as "Strong Side". That's what the product philosophy and visual communication is based on.

The second step involved crafting a visual aspect for the selected concept. The decision was made to capture the essence of humanity through the lens of nature.

In terms of illustrations, an abstract style was chosen to create an allusion to the natural landscape, serving as a reflection of the inner state and worldview of a person. Mountains, boundless fields, the profound sea, star-studded skies, and picturesque sunsets — all within the smallest details, you can discover a fragment of yourself upon closer inspection.

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