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Tucani Coffee


Client: Tucano Coffee
Date: 2022
Industry: Restaurants


Packaging design

The objective

Tucano Coffee is a fast-growing international concept coffee shop chain with a "Love. Peace. Coffee" philosophy. It is based on an ethnic design and atmosphere and is widely known in Southern Europe.Our challenge was to create a new design for coffee cups to draw attention to the brand and increase sales.

The solution

While creating the design of the coffee cups, we came up with a concept called "Keep dreaming — start doing", associated with fairy tales.

The selected concept was realized in the colorful and unique style of the company based on the culture, rich history and atmosphere of the coffee producing countries.

We implemented the chosen concept in a colorful, unique company style, based on the culture, rich history and atmosphere of coffee-producing countries.A different story was chosen for each direction: love, like in a fairy tale, a brave feat and a thirst for adventure.

On the glasses, we depicted the main characters and the climaxes of the stories—the rescue of the princess, the victory over the dragon, and the discovery of the island of countless treasures.

To draw public attention to the holiday campaign, thematic banners were developed for Instagram and Facebook social networks in the form of publications and stories.


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